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Thread: Anti-Gun Group Calls Murder Victim's Sister & Gets a Shocking Message

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    Anti-Gun Group Calls Murder Victim's Sister & Gets a Shocking Message

    Anti-Gun Group Calls Murder Victim's Sister & Gets a Shocking Message

    An anti-gun group reached out to a murder victim's sister to support a push for more gun control laws in Oregon.

    Her response left a shocked anti-gun representative sputtering and backtracking.

    In 2013, 27-year-old Jessie Doyle was shot and killed by her estranged husband, Josh Cavett.

    The anti-gun organization Everytown for Gun Safety reached out to Doyle's sister, Jennie Cochran, assuming that she would support their cause.

    Audio of a phone call between Cochran and Ann Wright of Everytown for Gun Safety shows just how wrong that assumption was.

    In the call, Wright asked if Cochran would feel comfortable sharing her story so people would understand the need for stronger gun laws.

    "I'm very pro-gun, as is Jessie, so I would really hope that you guys don't use her story for anything," Cochran responded. "Because the only thing that would have saved her was a gun."
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    Ha!Ha! Sorry to the late Jessie, but props to her sister.

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    Jennie so choked up losing her sister. Such a great looking girl - such a vile looking husband/murderer. Way to go Sister.

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    Everytown reached out to a victim's exploit the death of a human...for political gain. CLASSIC.
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    Quote Originally Posted by stealthyeliminator
    So in actuality you have no evidence that anything wrong took place, you only believe that it could be spun to appear wrong. But it hasn't been. The truth has a funny way of coming out with persistence, even if it was spun negatively the truth would find its way because these people will not accept less.
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    The truth causes some people so much pain they can only respond with impotent laughable insults. Life must be rough for those people.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Truth View Post
    Everytown reached out to a victim's exploit the death of a human...for political gain. CLASSIC antis.
    Fixed it for you.

    My condolences to Ms. Cochran for the loss of her sister, and my admiration for being steadfast and saying exactly what she meant, even if her voice did tremble.
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    I have to congratulate her on the constraint and poise she showed. I would be absolutely furious if someone cold called me to exploit the death of a family member for ANY reason, let alone trying to use it as a springboard for stealing away rights of the people. Her story should be used for two reasons, and only two reasons...first, for the unfortunate family members left behind to remember her by, and second, to make sure that piece of garbage is locked up where he belongs.

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    I would have sounded interested and invite them over for a face to face before a final decision could be made.

    Than handed them guns and told them that they have to wear them on your property.
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    The caller, I note, lied in asserting that you can buy a gun "online" without a background check.

    Well, you can *buy* it, but you can't take possession of it without a BGC. Unless they're trying to control black powder firearms, too.

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