House Bill 1433 in Washington State Legislature was first read on January 20th 2015. This bill includes provisions which would allow CPL holders to carry on K-12 campuses any time not just when picking up/dropping off students (page 4, line 22-23), allow CPL holders to carry INSIDE buildings (p5, line 6-8), allow crossing of school property for access to hunting laws with school permission (p4, line 24-27), allows any person carrying pursuant to a contract eg: security (p4, line 4-6). This is presented as a way of making state law in closer compliance and wording to the GFSZ act, but does not include any distance prohibition.
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This bill has currently been sent to the judiciary committee, and is sponsored by Representatives Scott, Taylor, Shea, Condotta, and Griffey.

Doctor Woodrow,
Brush Prairie, Washington