Allentown has become the latest Pennsylvania municipality to repeal all or parts of its gun regulations in an effort to avoid being sued under a new Pennsylvania law.

The Morning Call of Allentown reported that city council Wednesday voted unanimously to overturn a ban on weapons in parks, reverse a prohibition on weapons on city property and end a requirement that people report when their guns are lost or stolen.

The city also is adding new language to protect the use of weapons in self-defense and to say the ordinance doesn't apply to lawful hunting and trapping.

It's one of a number of municipalities to repeal, or take steps to repeal, local gun ordinances after a state law took effect at the end of 2014 that says gun owners no longer have to prove they've been harmed by a local law in order to successfully challenge it. The law also gives "membership organizations" such as the National Rifle Association standing to sue on behalf of any member.

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