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Thread: How to make open carry more fashionable or main stream...

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    How to make open carry more fashionable or main stream...

    It has often been said that celebrities and famous people, actors, athletics the rich and famous etc make fashion statements and set threads. May be that is what the OC activist need to get the message out there to the country.... Could you imagine Lebron James, or Tom Brady, or Hugh Jackman, or say a famous scientist, or doctor, lawyer etc... open carrying... Then explaining the concept and why they open carry...It would become main stream media in a flash, sure there would be the Anti's, they will never go away however having big name famous people open carrying would do much good for the cause...

    Think about it for a moment, who was the most famous persons you ever saw open carrying and please no Wyatt Earp or Jesse James... Just modern day famous people that open carry...If I can remember the only famous person I ever saw open carry was LBJ... While I was never a fan of him or his politics, I think having big name folks open carrying would be a major plus for the cause...

    My .02

    I welcome your thoughts and comments.

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    Find a way to put a little logo that looks like a apple on it and folks will be carrying it out where everyone can see it. Though, it will be difficult to keep folks from pulling it out and showing everybody, folks who own such things like to carry them around in their hand.
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