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Thread: Meet Peter Schwartz, HuffPost's resident anti-gun idiot

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    Meet Peter Schwartz, HuffPost's resident anti-gun idiot

    Make that "blitheringly idiotic anti-gun idiot."

    I need not dissect his Six Thoughts on Guns and Freedom to demonstrate the qualifications provided in my immediately preceding sentence. Fortunately, Peter Schwartz accomplished that feat all by himself.
    The 1st protects the 2nd, and the 2nd protects the 1st. GET THIS OR LOSE IT ALLl: 27-2=0. Our 2A is THE bellwether, and ain't none finer: Islamic Reality. Our Founding Fathers on Church and State. PC=ZERO.

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    There are three responses to gun control idiots.

    1) Criminals do not obey laws, that is why they are criminals.

    2) There is no difference between non gun violent crime, and gun violent crime. It has the same result.

    3) Our constitution was not based on what the rest of the world does.
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    "Well.... If you take my hat. Decide to wear my hat. Its in your possession ."

    "I call popo say "he has my hat i left it at his house". They go talk to you. You say its yours. Sounds like a civil court matter."

    "Now I instead say he robbed me... Well popo done go and cuff you up I keep hat or it goes to go to court I testify you done did rob me. You now have to prove you didn't...."

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