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Thread: SC - Open Carry of a NON-FIREABLE Replica Flintlock Pistol during re-enactments?

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    Wink SC - Open Carry of a NON-FIREABLE Replica Flintlock Pistol during re-enactments?

    I know that "Open Carry" is currently illegal in SC. BUT, IS THE FOLLOWING REALLY A PROBLEM?

    I expect to be part of a ceremony later this year which honors Revolutionary War Patriots. I expect to be in "period attire" similar to that of a southern militia soldier during the Revolutionary War.

    I would like to carry - on my belt in a suitable holster - an UNFIREABLE Flintlock Pistol replica which is purported to be like that General George Washington used during the conflict with the British. This is nothing more than a look-a-like that cannot even fire something like a BB.

    Am I likely to be accused of violating the SC gun laws? I do have a SC carry permit, so I certainly do not care to cause me a problem with that.

    I would like credible stories/experiences anyone may have. Or, a suggestion as to some organization that might be able to give me credible and correct information/advice.


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    Will you be part of an organized re-enactment? Or a "parade" - to use/abuse that term. Most likely they need a permit of some sort, as my recollection is they go around shooting off BP muskets and cannons all over the place. Many folks also have swords/sabers/bayonets that get waved around (in a controlled manner).

    Check with the organizers about your non-firing replica at the event.

    stay safe.
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    Perhaps mail it to HQ and pick it up on the day?

    Or, contact your Sheriff and get a letter saying you're exempt from arrest/confiscation/detainment on that day?

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