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Thread: New to the PA OC Threads

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    New to the PA OC Threads

    Hello Fellow PA OC'ers. I just wanted to introduce myself. I was in the NC threads some years back. We had regular meet up's and such then I moved to Marylandistan. Thats when I went cold turkey. But I now have moved North to York County and I am free as a bird. If you guys do any meetups or such please feel free to send me a message.
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    Do yourself a bog ol' favor and also check out these other forums also...

    This particular forum (here) sees relatively little traffic because of the other 2.

    Welcome back to PA though! We moved here from MD in 2005.
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    Welcome back to freedom ImJustMylan

    There is a lot more to OCDO than just the individual state sub-forums.

    Take the time to contribute to any and all where you may.
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