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Thread: Pharmacist shoots robber in West Virginia

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    Pharmacist shoots robber in West Virginia

    But Radcliff had a gun under his white pharmacy coat that he’d already been reaching for — and he used it, firing three times at the man, the Gazette reported.
    Radcliff’s first shot hit the suspect’s chest.
    The second shot hit the man’s gun, which jammed it. The third shot struck his midsection, the Gazette reported.

    Poor life decisions. Looks like the pharmacist had a little LCP or something. Just goes to show how important it could be to carry everyday/everywhere

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    But~but~but why do you need a gun in the drug store?
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    Quote Originally Posted by WalkingWolf View Post
    But~but~but why do you need a gun in the drug store?
    ...cuz dat's where da drugs are.
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