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Thread: ATF ammo ban on M855/SS109

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    ATF ammo ban on M855/SS109

    You guys think this will make it in Missouri after the passing of SB 656 restricts any "chilling" effects on guns, their accessories and ammunition?

    could be an interesting time.

    I think the ban is ridiculous as any IIIA armor worth it's weight stops 5.56 rounds even up to 75 grain.

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    I'd be more apt to ask the question of what ammo would be next. If you read the ban itself prior to de-banning SS109/XM855, it includes copper core ammunition. That could be interpreted to mean that these lead-free (all copper) bullets are illegal as well. If they can claim these "tipped" rounds are illegal, then couldn't they also go for ANY tipped round regardless of material as well as heavy copper tips on rounds like some of the 308?

    Why not 204 Ruger, 5.7, 308 Win, 308 NAT), 270 WM, 300 WSM, and many more?

    It's Pandora's box.

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    The BATF is trying to assert their power of interpretation.
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    If they get away with this banning of Ammo will never end. This is the next testing step. Gubment doesn't need to ban fire arms if they get the ammo Doe Run, lead smelting plant located in Herculaneum, Mo closed awhile back. Lake City Ammunition Plant in Blue Springs MO is now 100% strictly military Ammo and they used to supply ammo ot all kinds of vendors. (Remington, CCI, federal and such)

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    via GOA. contact your senators. this link even writes the letter for you.

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