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Thread: An Article for those wishing to carry concealed

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    An Article for those wishing to carry concealed

    While we all wish states like Texas would co open carry there are those that choose to carry concealed
    and are concerned about Printing. This article does a good job of addressing this concern.

    Concealed Carry Tips: How to Stop Worrying About "Printing" by Chris Baker

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    Really? This is OPEN and even though this is posted in the General Discussion thread, the whole intent of this forum is to discuss Open Carry. This article would be appropriate for, but it's out of place here.
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    Best way not to "print?" Don't try to cover it.
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    Best way to not worry about printing is move to a state where it is not criminalized. Even though we in Oklahoma have to have a permission slip Open carry, conceal carry and printing are all just fine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chrisdxn View Post
    ...........there are those that choose to carry concealed...............
    You have been here a while, so you should know the drill by now. We do not conceal/hide our weapons. It defeats the purpose. We advocate the lawful OPEN carry of a well holstered handgun. We do not go concealed, we do not want to conceal, we do not advocate people TO conceal.

    You had good info, just an inappropriate location to post it.

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    Nothing wrong with concealed carry

    The rules of this site appear to allow discussion of concealed carry in this, the General Discussion area:

    "(8) KEEP IT ON-TOPIC: All gun rights discussions not directly related to open carry should take place in the "General Discussions" forum and topics that are not related to gun rights at all should take place in "The Lounge". Please police your own posts before posting them and help keep OCDO strong and focused."

    There are plenty of us who enjoy the legal option to OC, CC, or casually conceal carry. And there is certainly nothing remiss about carrying a concealed BUG assuming such is legal in your area.

    I appreciated the link to the article, Chrisdxn.

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