According to Lori Haas, no one needs a gun for self-protection on college campuses; that's what the police are for.

Except at ODU, the environment is 'toxic' and cops are leaving:

ODU police officers speak of thin staffing, poor morale
Current and former officers cited staffing and other problems to ODU administrators in letters obtained by The Pilot. It's creating a dangerous environment, wrote John Sandhofer, an ODU officer and president of ODU's chapter of the International Brotherhood of Police.

"The lack of qualified, experienced personnel in this department is creating a toxic atmosphere within the ranks and ultimately a safety hazard for the campus, community and the officers," he wrote to ODU President John Broderick in a letter dated Nov. 5.

Security has been a concern for ODU following a string of violent incidents. Several took place off campus, but in November an ODU student reported that she was raped by three men in her residence hall room.

ODU Police Chief Rhonda Harris and Broderick declined to be interviewed Tuesday through university spokeswoman Giovanna Genard.
So, maybe it's a morale issue.