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Thread: SC Senate passes Gun Ban for Domestic Violence Offenders

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    SC Senate passes Gun Ban for Domestic Violence Offenders

    SC Senate passes Gun Ban for Domestic Violence Offenders

    The bill aims to make domestic violence penalties stronger, it passed the Senate 38-3 and it still has to pass the House which is also considering a different version of the bill.

    What is the point of this law if the Lautenberg Amendment already covers Domestic Violence? Is this a 'preemptive step' in case Lautenberg gets overturned someday? Wouldn't this law be considered redundant?

    "COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) -- In a state where gun rights tend to be fiercely guarded, the South Carolina Senate on Wednesday agreed to take firearms away from many people convicted of criminal domestic violence. The gun ban would still require a judge's approval for the least serious offenses. A provision adding that requirement cleared the way for passage of the bill to strengthen domestic violence penalties across the board. The measure passed 38-3 after nearly two weeks of debate."
    I am not a lawyer, I study the history of gun control laws.

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    The Bill

    Didn'e see any exemptions or exceptions in the bill. Would this prevent a cop who batters his spouce from carrying a gat while on the clock? It reads like it does.
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