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    The Y in Danville has a Ghost Busters sign up. It states no weapons. Is that legal? I thought they take government money. Thanks in advance.

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    The YMCA is a private entity and their real estate is private property.

    The are not part of any division of the government at any level.

    They have been anti-gun for generations.
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    As long as I've been familiar with YMCA in adulthood, they refuse to do business with gun carriers. They may have done so when I was a kid too, but I was unaware of it until the later years. I've seen their prohibitions in Ohio, Arizona, and now Virginia. In this state anyway, it's perfectly lawful for them to discriminate against potential customers in this way. As a result, I stay away.
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    We all take "government money".

    The YMCA requires you to become a member. Otherwise bums would come in off the street to use the showers and sauna as well as ogle everybody. (Do some research on why the Y went to membership from being an open-door preaching establishment.)

    Membership organizations can discriminate to their heart's content. The biggest penalty they face is loss of tax-exempt status - but only for discriminating against designated protected categories. Lawful carry of firearms is not currently a protected category.

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