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Thread: Went Shooting Today

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    Went Shooting Today


    I hadn't been to the range since a month before my daughter was born, November 2012. Today, I went with a good friend to the range inside the Bass pro shop in Dania. I got to unload a couple of hundred rounds on the old Wilson Combats and it was a good experience. The drive from Miami-Dade was actually worth it just to get away from some of the arbitrary rudeness that you'll find in half the Dade ranges.

    As you know, it gets you in the right mood to actually get out there and get some of the rust off. Is there a gun equivalent for "guitar acquisition syndrome?" (GAS)? If so, I've got it bad after today. I ordered a Kimber micro .308 from the gunbroker to my local FFL and I totally want a super-long bolt .308 (probably a Rem 700) with some good Leica optics. I'd appreciate some advice from those of you who know more than me. Today was a good day and it's good to swing by here and see so many familiar folks still fighting the good fight.


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