I was driving somewhere on Saturday that required the use of the highway. Traffic was a bit heavy as people were trying to get onto I4 to go to the Strawberry Festival, but the left lanes were clear.

Until this ******* pulled out of the slow lanes to try to get 2 cars ahead and comes to a dead stop.

He got the horn, I got the finger – and then he went full road rage.

This guy pulled out of line, missed his turn intentionally, and started chasing me. In my rearview I could see him signaling for me to pull over (along with various other hand gestures that wouldn’t be welcomed in church). If I changed lanes, he changed lanes. He was waving his phone around then made a call, like he was calling the cops or something, but all I know was that he had lost his mind and I was going to be in a bad situation should he decide to follow me to my actual destination.
Pretty much standard stuff so far. Worth reading again, tho.

My exit was miles away, so I didn’t feel the need to call the cops yet, but that was my plan.
I respectfully disagree. Even in The Big City it takes a while to get the cops notified, figure out an intercept vector, and actually arrive in time to do something more than preserve evidence. Besides, they are always telling us to call them if we see trouble. Call early. If your call gets dropped call again.

Plus, who knows if he was armed.
This is where I almost popped a gasket. First, the enraged driver is armed. He's got a several-million grain projectile. Second, too many times we have read about enraged drivers who exited that several-million grain projectile and brought with them some other means of deadly force.

I'm always going to consider a driver engaged in road rage as armed. I'll do my best to avoid a face-to-face confrontation but until his gas tank runs dry he's considered armed and dangerous.

stay safe.