Here is an excerpt from a news article today concerning SB45, its impending passage and a response by the owner of Warren theaters:

Some business leaders from Sedgwick County also have misgivings about SB 45. Bill Warren, owner of the Warren Theatres, said Thursday that if it passes, he plans, for the first time, to ban weapons at his Kansas movie theater locations.

He said he is sure that SB 45 will eventually increase insurance costs at his five locations in Wichita.

“But my main concern is the safety of our customers,” Warren said. At his five locations, he employs 40 to 50 local law enforcement officers to ensure customer safety.

SB 45 will make their job as security officers extra difficult, Warren said.

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I think we all should send him a polite letter and express our opinions and state, in no uncertain terms, that if he chooses to do this then we will choose to take out money elsewhere.