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Thread: Vcdl alert

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    Vcdl alert

    In the alert tonight, WVCDL is asking VCDL members to call the governor and ask him to sign the CONSTUTIONAL CARRY BILL they pushed through.

    I'd like to encourage everyone VCDL or not to call. They did a fine job. Let's give them what support we can.

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    Here's the information needed:

    ************************************************** *******
    2. West Virginia on verge of passing Constitutional Carry and is asking for our help
    ************************************************** *******

    If this bill passes, it will allow Virginians to carry concealed in West Virginia without needing any kind of permit (Constitutional Carry)! The West Virginia Citizens Defense League is concerned about a Governor veto and is asking us to call the Governor to show support and help get the bill signed into law.

    From WVCDL:

    Yesterday, West Virginia Senate Bill 347, NRA-backed permitless carry legislation, passed the House of Delegates with all proposed floor amendments being defeated!

    SB 347 is now on its third reading in the House and will then be sent back to the Senate for concurrence before heading to Governor Tomblin to be signed.

    Please show Governor Tomblin the strong support this bill by calling (304) 558-2000 and politely urging him to sign SB 347!

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