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Thread: ALERT: Judge lets I-594 backers intervene in fed. lawsuit

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    ALERT: Judge lets I-594 backers intervene in fed. lawsuit

    Judge allows gun control groups to intervene in I-594 lawsuit

    The federal district court judge handling the challenge to Initiative 594 today granted a motion by the Washington Alliance for Gun Responsibility and Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund for I-594 to intervene as defendants in the lawsuit spearheaded by the Second Amendment Foundation.

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    I don't understand the logic behind this. Just because they wrote and helped pass the law, does not mean they should be entitled as defendants in a challenge against it. The law was passed, the state owns it now and needs to defend it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NavyLCDR View Post
    I predict the SAF is going to lose this one.....just like Seattle won the case against their illegal parks and recreation ban in the Federal court. The wrong lawsuit was brought against it. Should have been done in a state court and just invalidated the whole initiative because it contained much more than was in the title and ballot description.
    I dunno, I don't trust the WA Supreme Court to strike down the measure on any grounds

    I have a feeling that Alan and his attorneys have weighed the risks v reward and determined this the best course of action. One they've had success is federal courts challenging arcane laws piecemeal, two even if they lose there will be a solid interpretation on the law, which will either prove WAGR liars or crimp 594s scope, and finally they can always file on state grounds later
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    Any updates?
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