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Thread: Rubio intrioduces 2A Act

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    Rubio intrioduces 2A Act

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    The bill only regulates the District of Columbia. Other than that it is a piece of garbage.

    Simple bill; The House and Senate recognize that all gun laws are repugnant and are in direct violation of the Second Amendment. And an armed society is necessary for the preservation of each and every citizen's inalienable rights of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness and the defense thereof. Therefor, every federal law regulating arms are hereby repealed.

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    So long as the bill completely strips D.C. of authority to restrict the keeping and bearing of arms, I am all for it (haven't read the bill yet, but scanned it and noticed it appears to be full of regulations). Keeping D.C. permanently out of the loop would only make it much easier for Congress to relax everything at a later date.

    Regardless of how convoluted the bill seems, the anti-self defense crow is sure to hate this bill. As far as I am concerned, allowing carry will save the lives of more than a few DC residents by enabling them to protect themselves in public.
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    Irony...the very enclave where it was ruled that cops, everywhere, have no duty to protect "you/us/them" desires to keep its citizens defenseless so as to rely only upon the folks who have no duty, to protect them. not to mention that the cops cannot protect everyone, let alone anyone. But, irony escapes many in positions of complicated for them, this irony thing is.
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