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Thread: Open carry Out for Friday dinner

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    Open carry Out for Friday dinner

    Hello everyone,

    Interesting thing happened at dinner last night which is amusing because of details but also interesting at how OCer's are perceived by some others.

    Me and a buddy of mine met a couple people for dinner last night. I was of course Ocing as I always do when not at work. We all sat down having a conversation waiting to order our food when another Ocer walked by the table. Right away eyes went to the Gentlemans belt he was carrying what looked like to me was a Glock 17. My buddy and I ignored it but the other 2 started talking about it saying that anyone that open carries or finds the need to are just attention seekers.

    I started laughing, I asked why they thought open carriers were attention seekers. It was said that they want everyone to look at them when they enter a room and the only reason they open carry is for the attention and to make people uncomfortable. I asked if he hadent walked past the table they never would have seen the gun so the only way people see it is if the ocer walks past them or is in the same area they are so how are they attention seekers? No answer.... I also said it's others that make a big deal over someone carrying a weapon not the Ocer. I knew they didn't know I was Ocing so I excused myself to the restroom making sure they both saw my Sig. Not trying to show off mind you but to make a point and I had to wash up before eating.

    An amusing return to the table

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    Some of us have stood next to a person who was busy proclaiming their deathly fear of firearms, having a wonderful conversation about how even cops carrying made them all twitchy even though they had never had a negative interaction with any cop and that if they ever found themself in the presence of a gun they would faint away in fright. We took as much as we could take without actually falling down laughing and then drew their attention to those boat anchors hanging in plain sight off our hips. They had the good grace to recognize that their perceived fear of the mere presence of a firearm might have been a bit over the top.

    I think the point is not to rub their noses in it but to let them become aware of the cognitive disonance all on their own.

    BTW - I am jealous. Some of us have had to wait years for such a situation. You are getting to enjoy the fun right out of the box.

    stay safe.
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    Good stuff!

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