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Thread: TN State Stops sending CCW Permits

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    TN State Stops sending CCW Permits

    I was just informed today that the State of TN. will not be sending CCW permits to owners who have been issued CCW's. They state the company that prints them has had issue for over a week now. Mine was issued 2 weeks ago but never mailed. Befor any flame war starts. It used to take 10 min for 1 person to make and print a DL for a person. In TN you can not carry with out your CCW in your possession. I was also informed the State had no idea when they would start sending the Permits out again.

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    Welcome to OCDO Kraccus.

    Moved this to the Tennessee sub-forum as the issue is state specific.
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    A second "Welcome" to OCDO.

    Does TN have a specific time limit by which the CCW must be issued or denied?

    (Virginia says the Clerk of the Circuit Court (the issuing agent) must give a temporary CHP to those approved but who have not received their CHP by the 45th day. For us it's a copy of the CHP application certified by the Clerk as a temporary permit. Difficult to stuff in your wallet but it does address the issue of meeting the statutory time limit.)

    But if the statutory time limit has not been reached it's like being a little kid waiting for their birthday to get the present they went with their parents to pick out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kraccus View Post
    ... In TN you can not carry with out your CCW in your possession...
    What's the penalty, assuming the permit is issued and on record?

    In some states, it's merely a $25 civil infraction, the same as if you drove to work and didn't have your issued driver's license in your possession. And even then it depends on if the cop got a bad donut that morning.
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    well *&#... i was just about to switch mine over. I call baloney though because my friend did his and got it ten days later (he just got it last week)

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