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Thread: Portland - transport a handgun from car to hotel

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    Portland - transport a handgun from car to hotel

    Hi folks,

    I live in Washington and have a CPL here. I do not have a CHL from Oregon. I'll be travelling to Portland during this weekend, staying overnight in a hotel. Reading information in various sources, I understand that while in Portland , my handgun should be in my rental car trunk, unloaded, and the magazine should be unloaded as well. I do not intend to carry the handgun loaded on me during my visit, as it would be illegal. My question is - how do I legally carry it + magazine + ammo from my rental car into my hotel room? Is it ok to just put them in a bag?

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    You could,, if you want to,, Open carry the unloaded gun in a belt holster,
    Your unloaded magazine in one hand,, and a handful of ammo in the other!

    OR,,,, throw them ALL in a bag or a box and carry them that way..
    With out an Oregon CHL what is important,, is
    dont Conceal Carry the Gun on your person!
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