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Thread: Open carry sighting!!!!!!! Who was that guy?

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    Open carry sighting!!!!!!! Who was that guy?

    I was driving south bound on 67 to Alvarado to a USPSA pistol match yesterday. Just north of Alvarado a truck pulls over to the improved shoulder on the right side, a guy gets out within seconds and starts jogging on the improved shoulder with an AR-15 on his back!!!!!!!!!!!! I was in a hurry, so I kept driving but I'm really curious who it was..... It is mainly agricultural type land on both sides and except people who were driving and paying attention probably most people missed it......... Did anyone call police? I wanted to stop for a second to tell him to jog facing traffic, so cops don't harass him for jogging on the wrong side of the roadway (the improved shoulder is part of the roadway....), but then the rifle slung across his back wouldn't have been visible to traffic, defeating the purpose of campaigning......

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    You're assuming his purpose was to campaign, as opposed to just making sure he had his rifle with him. Is there some part of this story I'm missing that would make that undoubtedly the case? Admittedly, most AR-15 open carry is done to campaign (since everyday open carry that isn't to make a point would probably be a handgun for 99% of the people), but not always.

    EDIT: Just realized this was a different highway 67 than the one I am used to [I was wondering where the heck Alvarado was], and I am reading a Texas thread. Yes, of necessity ANY open carry in TX will be a rifle, still, alas. And also, really, is part of a campaign more often than not. Still, are you sure this guy was campaigning?
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