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Thread: New bills proposed !!! (Read here)

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    New bills proposed !!! (Read here)

    If passed, HB 562 would also allow district attorneys to carry guns in court rooms, it will change laws related to hand guns on school properties, and it will make it illegal for people to carry guns on rides at the state fair.

    Two diff sources that just word it a little differently, how does everyone feel about this?

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    What I don't get is "fear of discharge" on a ride, ur on a Rollercoaster you are strapped in, the only real ride I could see being a problem is something making u drop at an extremely fast velocity and you having just a kydex holster

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    the new bill also contains specific requirements for posting 'no concealed firearm' signs...
    All signs must be posted at each entrance into a building where a person with a
    44 concealed handgun permit is prohibited from carrying a concealed handgun and must meet all
    45 of the following criteria:
    46 (1) Be clearly visible from outside the building.
    47 (2) Be eight inches wide by 12 inches tall in size.
    48 (3) Contain the words "NO CONCEALED HANDGUNS ALLOWED" in black
    49 one-inch tall uppercase type at the bottom of the sign and centered between
    50 the lateral edges of the sign.
    General Assembly of North Carolina Session 2015
    Page 8 DRH10226-SA-10 (03/18)
    1 (4) Contain a black silhouette of a handgun inside a circle seven inches in
    2 diameter with a diagonal line that runs from the lower left to the upper right
    3 at a 45-degree angle from the horizontal.
    4 (5) Be placed not less than 40 inches and not more than 60 inches from the
    5 bottom of the building's entrance door

    but says nothing about OC'g...

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    Let me add something else to the mix.

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