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Thread: Criminal justice questions to Presidential candidates from Radley Balko @ WaPo

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    Criminal justice questions to Presidential candidates from Radley Balko @ WaPo

    Are you running for president? Please answer these questions about the criminal justice system.
    • Should DoJ CRD continue to investigate LEA abuses?
    • How might courtroom science and forensic science be improved?
    • Should civil asset forfeiture laws be strengthened?
    • Should the Solicitor General defend unconstitutional laws and acts?
    • Will you change the DoJ enforcement focus?
    • Are there any federal laws that you believe are unconstitutional?
    • "If you could add one amendment to the Constitution, what would it be?"
    • If there is epidemic prosecutorial misconduct, should FedGov address it?
    • Will you open DoJ's Office of Professional Conduct to the IG and FOIA?
    • Will you instruct your USAG to tally officer involved shootings?
    • Is the criminal justice system inherently racially biased?
    • Would you instruct your DoJ create a Police Offenders Registry?
    • Would you change or abolish the Pentagon's 1033 Program transferring battlefield equipment to LEA?
    • Would you change DHS's similar policies?
    • Do you agree that there are too many federal laws and regulations?
    • Would you end the arming of the regulatory agencies?
    • there are many more questions to Presidential Candidates at ...

    Readers and commentators are invited to submit their own.
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    Gah! Drivel when it is "good" - and worse for the most part.

    Most glaringly the questions (those quoted and the rest in the article) show a complete lack of understanding of the Constitutional interplay between the Executive and the Judicial branches, and how the adversarial judicial process works. I was overwhelmed by the number of leading questions and stopped counting so cannot say they constituted a majority (or even a "large" majority or "vast" majority) of the questions posed.

    Many of the questions asked how the government could intervene even more into the lives of the citizens. Others were along the lines of "I wish things were like X _ don't you, too?" But perhaps the best was "If you could add one amendment to the Constitution, what would it be?"

    Then there is: "Last December, Ed Krayewski at Reason magazine proposed creating a “police offenders registry.” This would be a master list of police officers who have been caught lying in police reports or on the witness stand, using excessive force, or abusing or intimidating citizens. The idea here is to prevent corrupt and abusive cops from simply picking up and moving to another police department. There of course would be some details to work out about what would qualify an officer for listing on the registry, but generally speaking, do you support this idea? Is it something you would consider asking your Justice Department to create and oversee?" Apparently Mr. Kraewwski and/or Reason Magazine never heard of a Brady List ( ). The ability to trace a cop's career is not difficult but creating another centralized government bureaucracy is apparently just too tempting.

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    Radley Balko

    I've been reading Radley's stuff since about 2007. Great writer.

    In 2006 or so, Balko wrote a white paper, Overkill: The Rise of Paramilitary Police Raids in America.

    Balko worked for years trying to alert the public to the problem of militarization of police. Finally, in the wake of the SWAT searches in Boston suburbs after the marathon bombings, the media finally started discussing the issue. Finally, the mainstream media started questioning the need for military weapons and vehicles in the hands of local police. The media exposed to the public at large the military program where armored military vehicles and military gear is transferred to local police. Balko started that ball rolling.
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