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Thread: Bad ammo?

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    Bad ammo?

    I recently was out having some me time on a farm and decided to take out my Henry .44 Magnum Big Boy for some air. After squeezing off about a dozen rounds or so, I looked down while I was inserting another round and noticed that the primer part of the shell had separated from the casing and the casing itself had lodged itself in the chamber. I unloaded the rifle and removed the casing. I rounded up all the casings that I had fired that day and found ten of the fifty rounds in a box were deformed in some way. I was shooting PMC Bronze 44 Remington Mag. I contacted PMC and they said they would like the rest of the ammo back. Lot number on the inside of the box is 44D-467.
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    Back in 76 I had some Remington 357 that the casing cracked on the first shot didn't separate but sure wasn't reloadable.
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    I have a Rossi M92 16" "Trapper" in .357 Magnum that creates a ring on the cases of "Hot" ammo. From what I've read, most lever action firearms have a little bit of "Spring" in the bolt. When a round is fired, the front of the case expands and sticks to the chamber walls while the back portion near the base stretches slightly rearward, creating that "ring" which results in a case head separation.

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    CCI aluminum cased ammo never fed properly through my Walther PPK .380 auto. They won't properly feed through my CZ 9mm, either.

    I had similar problems with sharp-edged JHP getting stuck on the feed ramp.

    I've since concluded things that are round and made of copper or brass are generally preferable over anything sharp or made of aluminum.
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