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Thread: Minion creats hostile work environment - tries to date benevolent overlord

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    Minion creats hostile work environment - tries to date benevolent overlord

    From the thread at

    Quote Originally Posted by solus View Post
    skid, to assist you in your new found enterprise, my contribution, per your request ~ shipping has been paid, to your holster collection, er business, is set to arrive the evening of the 25th @ 3044 Stony Point Road, i have asked for signature, so please be kind enough to acknowledge it.

    thanks for taking my excessive items off my hands and hope you can make some use, er $$$!

    Quote Originally Posted by skidmark View Post
    Maybe you can 1) read that thread again to get the correct date, and 2) work it out with your shipper to change the delivery date.

    Honestly, trying to get good help gets harder and harder all the time. HR will be contacting you regarding the corrective actions you will need to complete if you wish to remain employed as a minion.

    stay safe.

    Quote Originally Posted by solus View Post
    skid, my eye/hand coordination isn't what it used to be...

    while dealing w/HR i will present my partition for unionization consideration of your newly founded organization...

    and it seems the Nevada branch union rep is already behind me...

    minion...whah hoooo a promotion...i so deserve this promotion....the extra money will come in handy to buy my mare leg...thanks

    minion extraordinaire
    skid enterprises...

    like the sound of that...

    ps: like most things in life won't see my shipper coming until the package is in your hands...
    We had our monthly OC dinner tonight. At the end of the dinner our server brought out a boquet a certain minion (see above) sent, apparently in an attempt to get me to go to the prom with him. (Can't think of any other reason why he'd send a boquet.)

    Not only has this created a hostile work environment, it places me in the dilema of letting my minion down gently. Hope he can understand that the vow I took as a child to never date outside my own species is still in effect.

    OK, enough of the good-natured noogeying of my minion. The minion sent an edible arrangements boquet. It was fun.

    I'd retaliate but the recent rains have washed the "Free Candy" off the side of my van.

    Well played, sir.

    stay safe.
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    Milord, merry met as the honour was, of course, mine...small payment for the recent pig pull hosted by yourself...

    go well into the night...


    addendum..darwin classified you? Really?
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    You guys make the cutest couple
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    I think I saw a tear in Skid's eye - of course he would deny.

    The helium balloons were a nice touch, but the detonator failed to ignite such a noble gas.

    Seriously, the edible arrangement was a fitting curtain call to a most pleasant meal with friends.....lots of great conversation too.
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