Well, I think that by now we are pretty much all aware of the issues that Pike County has presented us with in reference to OC. With Hillbilly Days now in full swing, I had the chance to attend last night and I figured what better time to give OC a run for the money in the heart of jolly old Pike County!

While I found this "festival", if you could even call it that, to be annoying and worrisome due to a completely horrible lack of parking and lack of anything interesting, other than some very attractive females, I did find it interesting that they had LOADS of LEO's wandering around the streets among the people. The security was great and thusly, I anticipated issues from them in reference with my OC last night.

OK, so here's the report! I encountered (not physically though) a LOT of LEO's from various department and I got a LOT of weird looks and negative looks from some of them but all in all, there was not a word spoken and it went OK. I think that after all the interaction that Pike County has had with KC3 and Gutshot, I think that like it or not, they have learned the lesson that they MUST adhere to KRS 65.870.