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Thread: hhgregg anti-gun

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    hhgregg anti-gun

    Went to hhgregg to buy a TV. To my surprise they posted the sign authorized for state buildings. I went across the street to Best Buy and purchased the same TV for the same price. I returned to hhgregg with receipt in hand. I asked for the manager. When he arrived I showed him the receipt and explained why his store lost the sale. He informed me the sign went up about a month ago And I was the first to say anything.

    A young salesman was standing there listing. When the manager said I was the first to complain the salesman piped in and said no I wasn't; there have been others that told him they were taking their business elsewhere because of the sign.

    The manager asked if he could make a copy of my receipt so he could send it to corporate.

    The manager was very polite.

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