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Thread: Traveling from PA-GA I got some questions.

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    Traveling from PA-GA I got some questions.

    I am traveling from PA to GA for a car show in May, I am making the 11 hour drive leaving at night. I was digging around and found that NC is open carry friendly except in some places (Where alcohol can be consumed, gatherings with a fee ect.) I was wondering if leaving my firearm in a soft holster in front of my shiftier (Visible) would be okay and once outside the vehicle swap it into my black-hawk retention holster? I do not have a PA LTCF but I have a clean background and I am of age.

    My plan was to keep the firearm cased and ammo separate, once I fill up for gas in VA to bring it out, holster it for outside the vehicle and leave the firearm in my seat cubby (secured pull out drawer under driver seat) Then continue to follow NC laws, and then GA laws until I am at my destination.
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    vehicle xportation of a firearm is a gray area in NC since there are no specific statutes covering it. the NC AG's opinion of course just states ~ officer safety is paramount. section III D for your reading pleasure:

    as stated previously, whenever i travel across state lines, i have a document box (firesafe type from wally world, that sits on the seat next to me where i carry my firearm for ready access) and if i get stopped by some nice LE who liked my out of state plates and just wants to be friendly i just close the lid and the firearm is locked and free from prying and inquisitive eyes. the key is maintained in the trunk by the spare tire.

    enjoy your drive thru the state to your peach(y) destination...

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