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Thread: Live near South Boston

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    Live near South Boston

    I live near South Boston myself and visit often. Ive been on this site for awhile but just registered as a member. Ive had my cc permit for about 16 years and always cc carry but never open carried. I know its completely legal but always felt intimidated if I did. Anyone around me that carries often perhaps we can meet up sometime. I also ride a motorcycle as well.

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    Welcome aboard OCDO Paladin7485

    Moved your intro post from the obsure thread to the Virginia sub-forum where others can see and chime in appropriately.

    Lots of good people here - enjoy.
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    Howdy Paladin! Welcome to OCDO. There are a handful of us OCers that know each other up here in Lynchburg (in addition to others that may not be on the board). I know Lynchburg isn't particularly close to South Boston, but it's just a quick trip down US-501 to get to your neck of the woods. If you pick a place down your way for lunch some Saturday maybe some of us can come down your way. Of course there are places in the Burg too, but that's not exactly your area.

    Again, welcome.

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    Somebody posted a short while ago about riding their cycle OCing. I'm too lazy to try a seach.

    But what I recall (other than that they posted) is that the cops seem to know the law and do not play harassment games.

    Decided to go look it up. Read here

    Maybe PM him and set up a meeting?

    stay safe.
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