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Thread: Salem Saturday Market

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    Salem Saturday Market

    Actually, the Monday and Wednesday markets, but they're run by the same people and have the same rules...
    One of which is "No alcoholic beverages (with the exception of previously authorized wine & spirit vendors), firearms or other weapons may be brought into the Market. Members and membersí associates (i.e. family members, employees and friends) are not permitted to be intoxicated on site."

    I plan to be a vendor at these markets - since they do not provide armed security, and Farmer's markets tend to be cash-rich environments, it would seem expedient to overlook this particular rule.
    The Monday market is on the Salem Hospital grounds. I have a CHL, so should be covered there. The Wednesday market is on Chemeketa between Liberty and High. A public street, so I'm not sure where they think they have the authority to ban constitutional activity.
    I will be CC (I know, I know... but it is Salem, after all) because I am trying to sell a product and see no need to upset the delicate sensibilities of the gentle valley dwellers or have to waste valuable market time arguing the law with those who should know it - I just want to be able to defend my wife and my hard earned money from those who might wish to separate me from them.

    Any thoughts?
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    Private rental of public land = not a public place for the rental period

    Kevin Starrett with Oregon Firearms Federation was involved in a legal matter about the issue of prohibiting firearms in a public place. The result was that if the public place was rented by a private entity, in this case the farmers market, then the private entity can make the rule of no firearms just as any private business can do in their store/location. So the private contracted use of the land trumps the fact that the land originates as a public place...according to the last ruling anyway. Silly, I know!

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    Wow, I've OC'd there many times and nobody ever said a word to me.

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