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Thread: Tactical Scenario-Based Shooting courses near WI

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    Tactical Scenario-Based Shooting courses near WI

    Hello all,

    I'm looking to take some useful self-defense shooting classes. Can someone recommend reputable schools/instructors/classes worth the money and time - in Wisconsin and surrounding states? I'm particularly interested in scenario-based and/or hands on classes.


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    I give training I am certified in rifle, pistol, shotgun patrol rifle, police shotgun I trained hundreds and have decades of experience. My rates are reasonable

    I specialize in one and one training.

    PM me if interested and we can discuss the type of training you would want

    I am located in NW wis.

    Wstar425 was one of my clients here's another link to some training I gave another member
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    I can highly recommend FI from our experience. Our training was probably about as "untactical" as you can get. My wife and I went up for 4 hours. I wanted it focused on safety, as well as helping her be more accurate. She was missing the target by a foot from 10 feet away. I was unable to identify her problem, nor was she willing to listen to any advice I gave her. For the most part. She was as basic beginner as you can get, and I was not much above that.

    I think almost before her first shot was fired FI knew what he was looking at, stressed some key ideas, and immediately she started improving. Not every shot, but enough to let her see it was possible! She was flinching and jerking the trigger.

    So we switched off back and forth, my training was somewhat mor advanced. Double taps on multiple targets with the 686 was really fun! It was hot, she kinda got burned out the fourth hour.

    In between we talked about self defense scenarios, what was legal and not, several other things. At one point I mentioned that my firearm, a 226 was probably more accurate than I would ever be, in that I was the week link, not the firearm. FI confirmed and I asked how accurate is possible from here? probably 30-35 feet? He said one ragged hole. I handed him my gun and he proceeded to put 6 or 7 in one ragged hole. I was doing 5-7 inches with a flyer here and there. So, that convinced me. Nothing wrong with the firearm!

    I feel the money was well spent, if for no other reason than my wife's confidence was bolstered. She was willing to listen to him, and he did help her immensely. He is, I am sure, able to offer a service way beyond what we required or were ready for. But, he was able to bring it down to our level in a non threatening, helpful way. She still has to remind herself to SQUEEEEEEZZZZE the trigger! But, at least she now knows what she is doing wrong. I would go back, but it is about a 4 hour drive. I wanted to do an overnight 2 day thing, but 4 hours was a bit more than my wife really wanted. That's on her, not FI.

    All in all, real happy with our training. I'd like to go up there with a couple of guys sometime, that could be a LOT of fun!

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