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Thread: Out of State Resident OC

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    Out of State Resident OC

    Hello everybody! New to OC and new to NC. Here's a little bit of background on my situation: I am a 20 year old TN resident who just finished up college and will be moving to NC for about six months to a year to finish up a project I am building.

    I understand NC allows open carry at the age of 18, but I also have heard that in the state 18-20 Y/Os need a pistol permit (transfer?) from the local sheriff to "own" a handgun. We have no such requirement in TN - handguns can be purchased (private party) at 18 years of age. What I am wondering is if I can legally OC my firearms in NC purchased legally in TN as a TN state resident?

    Thanks for all of your help!

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    morn and the tarheel state welcomes the young adult from the volunteer state and we hope your visit is as good as your expectations are hoping...

    here is the NC Attorney General's 'official' guidance on firearms: of interest is section III D which talks about firearms in vehicles...note the statement there are no statutes per se covering firearms in vehicles but 'officer safety is paramount'

    here is the link to the NC statutes

    INAL now to your question(s)
    1. there are no laws on the books discussing open carry, therefore it is legal except in places you are going to review in the AG's handy guide. (you're responsibility as a firearm owner and carrier to do due diligence and research and do your homework so you have accountability in the event you are stopped someplace with a firearm.)

    2. the PPP is a jim crow holde over for the sheriffs to oversee which tarheel citizens are purchasing firearms. if you purchase a firearm from an FFL you must present a PPP or your Conceal Handgun Permit and this information is used in lieu of the FFl doing a NICS background check. additionally private sales between citizens the buyer must poffer a PPP or show their CHP to the buyer. 14-402.

    bottom line, no you do not need to carry a PPP at all for you to OC.

    3. your legal personal firearms from TN are welcome in the state for you to carry while you are in the state.

    again welcome, i am sure others will pop in...

    but a personal query...which part of the state will you be located in? and if eastern...hollar via PM and if schedule mesh, can say hello over coffee/chai or bite to eat.

    if western, check the meeting thread and you can meet up at one of their scheduled events.

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