As reported at KSL, an apparent, attempted home invasion ends poorly for the invader.

A tactical mistake or two by the resident, but at first blush appears to be a legally justified shoot.

Full report at link above. Excerpts:

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A preliminary investigation shows [the suspect] began pounding on the front door of the house, awakening and alarming the homeowners, [police] said. After he couldn't get in the front door, he climbed to a second-story balcony and tried to get in a door.

[The police spokesman] said the homeowner armed himself and went to the balcony door. He unlocked the door to talk to the man.

"Once the door was unlocked [the suspect] attempted to force his way into the residence, and was shot by the homeowner," [the police spokesman] said.
No immediate charges, the case appears to be under the usual investigation.