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Thread: Travel from Oregon to New York

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    Travel from Oregon to New York

    I will be traveling to New York from Oregon. I have a current CHL in Oregon. I know they don't recognize my Oregon CHL.

    I am looking for info on my options for traveling to NY with a handgun.

    Thanks I advance for any help.

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    Do NOT "take" a handgun to NY!!!

    and BTW dont drive a handgun though NJ....
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    Don't go to NY period

    But yeah taking a handgun to NY seems like a very bad idea. I don't think it can be done legally.
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    You may only possess a handgun in New York if you possess a New York Pistol Permit.

    New York does not recognize other states' licenses/permits.

    New York does not issue non-resident permits.

    Take your handgun to New York State and risk an extended stay in one of their many state prisons.


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