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Thread: Day late and buck short: Reno River Fest was posted "No Weapons"

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    Day late and buck short: Reno River Fest was posted "No Weapons"

    Last weekend the wife, kiddo and I ended up downtown for some artsy stuffs. We found ourselves at a sculptors event on the train trench before getting bored and wandering down to the river for the kiddo to play in the water. Turned out the big Reno River Fest was in full swing, great. No so great were the armed Martin-Ross Security guards manning the entry points for this free event with a large "NO WEAPONS" sign posted on their fence barriers.

    I know there was a member here who had an email from the City Attorney stating a weapons ban was not legal for a free event, figured I'd post up so that person knows Reno is back to letting event organizers be anti-gun again (all while letting a slightly overbearing security force run around armed). I was CC as is my norm when out with the fam, and I didn't think smartly enough to photograph the signs, I just carried past them and went down to do our thing at the riverbank.

    Just wanted to mention it for those more in tune with the process than I.

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    the word "weapon" means something completely different that the word "firearm" in the legal sense here in Nevada.
    Nevada Campus Carry: The Movement Continues

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    Here is the e-mail

    Dear Mr. O'Hare,

    Thank you for your email. If your event is open to the public, you are not allowed to exclude anyone unless they are causing a disruption that would be dealt with by the Police Department. The City cannot give you legal advice and suggest you consult your own legal counsel if you are considering attempting to exclude persons.

    Thank you,

    Alexis Hill
    Special Events Program Manager
    Office of the City Manager
    1 East 1st Street
    Reno, NV 89505
    w. 775.326.6697
    c. 775.771.5512
    f. 775.334.2097
    Click here for Special event/activity permits

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    Kind of have the same issue in Las Vegas. The Freemont Street experience is open to the public and OCing not an issue for the most part however they do have events. Usually barricade off and charging a fee. The open to the public Freemont Street is, poof transform into a private business status and gun control if they so choose.

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