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Thread: Washington Times - Federal judge says DC cannot require 'good reason' to carry a gun

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    Washington Times - Federal judge says DC cannot require 'good reason' to carry a gun


    A federal judge on Monday put on hold the District’s requirement that gun owners demonstrate a “good reason” in order to receive a concealed carry permit — saying the licensing scheme deprives citizens of their Second Amendment rights.

    U.S. District Judge Frederick J. Scullin Jr. granted a preliminary injunction in a lawsuit brought by three gun owners that seeks to overturn the new D.C. firearms law on the grounds that the regulations are so strict that they make it impossible to exercise their right to bear arms.

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    ABP in DC forum. Merge?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nightmare View Post
    ABP in DC forum. Merge?
    The decision has national significance. Recommend merge the article in the DC forum with this one, leaving the merged threads in the News & Political Alerts section.
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