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Thread: 2A Northern Mariana Islands Amended Complaint Filed 22 April, 2015

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    2A Northern Mariana Islands Amended Complaint Filed 22 April, 2015

    The second amendment lawsuit against the Government of the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands has been amended to include both JAMES C. DELEON GUERRERO, the Commissioner of the Department of Public Safety, and LARRISA LARSON, Secretary of the Department of Finance of the Commonwealth. The amendment was required by the U.S. District Court in order to include the customs policies of the Commonwealth as part of the lawsuit. The amendment was filed on the 22 of April, 2015. The amended complaint may be viewed at

    The time that it will take to render a decision on the complaint is uncertain, but the court has been making decisions in the case with some regularity. I would not be surprised to see an opinion by the end of July. The summed up the case as follows

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    Apparently the governent of the CNMI is more intelligent than the government of the District of Columbia. While not difficult to achieve, it is good news to read how much more intelligent they appear to be.

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