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Thread: No Firearms at Cave Run Lake?

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    No Firearms at Cave Run Lake?

    I'm pretty new to carrying and have not really paid attention to signs about it. Today I went with my family to the Spillway at Cave Run Lake and the first thing I noticed pulling in was the "No Firearms" sign. It was my understanding that this was a public park? Sorry if this has already been addressed, but does anyone know if it is legal for them to prohibit weapons there?

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    i don't know about cave run lake, but i called barren river lake and was told that the dam area was contolled by the a.c.o.e. and that no firearms are permitted. however other area's of the park are ok for carry, the guy i spoke with was nice and said only the dam area and on the water was controlled by the a.c.o.e. and they prohibit firearms.

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    Cave Run Lake is jointly run by Corps of Engineers and National Forest Service. Given that one can carry per state in National Forests, I assume it is the Corps that is causing the restriction.

    I have not ben to Cave Run except to drive around a bit for many years. I do not know if it is run like KY Lake/Land Between the Lakes where the Corps has amended the policy such that, while guns are still prohibited except for hunting or cased to go the range, if you have a CC license/permit they will honor it as long as there are not aggravating circumstances (e.g. brandishing or illegally discharging) or if the ban is strictly enforced. I suspect that like at KY Lake/LBL, the CofE controls a minority of the physical land area at Cave Run.

    FWIW, here is an old thread talking about this.
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    I thought a federal judge overturned the prohibition that the engineers had on their land a while back?

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    Basically the dam is owned, and operated by the Army CoE, the civilian branch of the military. Because of a referance to a very obscure CFR, firearms are prohibited on, or about, CoE property. Now, the land surrounding th elake, and the Licking river, is a majority of National Forest apart of the DBNF, with some private land and farms thrown in here and there. I've Open Carried every single time I've been to Cave Run, but I do so when not on or near the dam, or the spill-way. And from what I've heard from a DBNF LEO, you cannot have a firearm on or in a water vehicle when on the lake itself. But, point being, just stay away from the spill way, and either side of the dam itself, and you're fine. You can still OC at the Fish Hatchery, and the hatchery's access to the Licking river (plenty of crappie to be caught there), and around and near the lake at other parts.

    I don't know about any court rulings dismissing the CoE's weapons ban on its property, but unless you see proof that such a case existed, and that it applies under the full-faith and credits clause, to be legal in Kentucky, then just stay away from the dam.

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