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Thread: Permitless carry in Oregon?

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    Permitless carry in Oregon?

    I think now is the time for us to push for this. Oregon is already a "shall issue" state. Anyone who applies who is not prohibited from owning a gun is usually given their permit. But now that background checks are required on all purchases, wouldn't it be safe to say that anyone who has a gun should theoretically be legally allowed to own it? And therefore, if they have already passed a background check to purchase it, why should they have to go through ANOTHER background check and pay however much it is for the permit?

    The liberals always talk about the need for "compromise" on gun laws. Yet their version of "compromise" usually consists of them taking and taking, and not giving anything in return. It's time to demand TRUE compromise and say that since you have your "universal" background checks, there's no need for a permit process to carry concealed.

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    You are speaking about common sense and true compromise, neither of which the ruling party in our state cares about. They don't actually want to make firearms ownership and possession easier and more affordable, their bigotry demands the opposite.

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    You could do lots of things that would be easier to pass than permitless carry. Opening up out of state permits to those not in neighboring states (a truly weird rule), recognizing other state's permits, and preemption.

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