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Thread: Carrolton shooting

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    Carrolton shooting

    just saw video of a cop shooting a man with "a gun in a holster" after receiving a call about a man with a gun. what's the story with this? it was in carrollton.

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    Friday Carrollton officer: ‘Don’t take that gun out or I’ll shoot’

    "For eight minutes, a Carrollton police corporal had a calm, respectful conversation with a man who reportedly had a gun at an ATM. But things quickly escalated, with the officer screaming orders at the man to not touch his gun, according to audio released Friday.

    “Don’t take that gun out or I’ll shoot you!” Cpl. Chad Cook shouted.

    At that point, Dothard allegedly put his hand on the gun.

    Cook: “Don’t take that gun out! Do not take the gun out!”

    Dothard: “Do not touch me.”

    As Dothard allegedly continued to remove the weapon, Cook shouted, “Don’t take that gun out or I’ll shoot you.”

    About two seconds later, two shots can be heard, followed by Cook shouting into his radio: “Shots fired. Shots fired. Shots fired. Suspect is down.”
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