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Thread: Supreme Court Ruling on Amendment 5

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    Supreme Court Ruling on Amendment 5

    What are your thoughts on the length of time the Court has taken on it's ruling on Amendment 5. I have nothing to base this on, but to me it seems taking this long is not a good sign....thought?

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    Supreme court justices are nominated and appointed by people other then the citizenry, this leads to severe problems whereas the constitution can be concerned as someone with the mob mentality belief that rights have limitations can grant something as constitutional, even when it isn't.

    you are probably right to believe A5 ruling taking so long is a bad thing, since it should be rather clear cut and straightforward.

    they could also be biding time for a reason that is unknown to us, such as taking other cases on while discussing this one.

    ultimately we will just have to wait, and see what the ruling is, and then protest against, or agree with, afterward.
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