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Thread: Stafford County Republican Primary - 6/9/15, Tuesday

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    Stafford County Republican Primary - 6/9/15, Tuesday

    VCDL-PAC is proud to endorse KATHY STERNE for Stafford County Circuit
    Court Clerk in the Republican Primary on Tuesday, June 9, 2015. Mrs.
    Sterne's campaign and supporters aggressively sought our support, and
    Mrs. Sterne's response to the VCDL Candidate Survey was "Very Pro-Gun".
    She has repeatedly pledged her support for Stafford County's gun owners.

    One opponent turned in an inferior survey, while the other, a ranking
    member of the Sheriff's Office, was the very individual who did anti-gun
    Sheriff Jett’s dirty work in shamefully denying VCDL a booth at Stafford
    County's National Night Out last year.

    If you live in Stafford County, please go to the polls on Tuesday, June
    9, and cast your vote for KATHY STERNE for Stafford County Circuit Court

    Elections have consequences!

    Personally, I also endorse Jason Pelt for Commonwealth Attorney, and Susan Stimpson for Delegate
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    *I am not a lawyer. Nothing from me shall be construed as a magic cloak of legal advice. It's ultimately your tucas that's on the line. Keep examining the law anyway. The gov't, made up of people like us, is supposed to work for us, not against us. Let's find, correct, and avoid the wrongs before they're actively used against us, or we become innocently trapped by them. We're to be the masters. Let's vigilantly keep tabs on our servants who seek to rule us.

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