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Thread: Liberalizing gun laws, 48h. wait, minimum sentencing, armed ex-cop in school, in Assy

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    Liberalizing gun laws, 48h. wait, minimum sentencing, armed ex-cop in school, in Assy

    The state Assembly is expected to reload Wisconsin's gun control laws Tuesday, taking up bills to repeal the state's waiting period to purchase a handgun, increase minimum sentences for some gun-related crimes and allow licensed former cops to carry concealed firearms into schools.

    The Liberalizing gun laws is an EGGCORN, a thumb in the eye of idiots.
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    It's not attached to this bill though I am trying to get it attached. There is a bill pending to repeal Wisconsins ridiculous prohibition against switchblade knives. They are legal in 30+ states and the ban against them is a throwback to the 50's and West Side Story. I've been working with my Assembly Rep and State Senator to get the repeal attached to the other reasonable weapons laws being considered.

    Incrementalism, folks. Piece by piece we shall dismantle and reverse the harm the antis have done to our precious freedoms!!!!!

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    Hers some history on the banning of switch blades.
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