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    OC Alabama

    I've been wanting to OC in Alabama for a couple weeks now and I was wondering what Alabamas laws are on open carry. I've heard that Alabamas laws are very vague when it comes to OC but I was wondering if anyone else knows alabamas laws.

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    Welcome aboard OCDO Zeke94.

    Moved your post to the Alabama sub-forum as the information you seek is state specific.
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    I don't believe there is any specific law in AL concerning OC. However, the law that was passed in 2013 (SB213?) did clarify that simply OCing did not constitute Disorderly Conduct.

    Basically, AL law on carrying firearms is that you need a permit to carry concealed or while in a vehicle. OCing on the street is totally legal - without a permit. Once you conceal or get into a vehicle, permit required.

    I've been OCing in AL since late 2010 with a Glock 23 and a S&W 329PD since March 2011. Never had a problem, never had the cops called on me. The state trooper that pulled me over Nov. 2014 couldn't care less that I was armed ("don't pull yours, I won't pull mine!" - said with a smile).

    In any event, here is the actual gun law site:

    The specific law for concealed and/or vehicle carry is section is

    Good luck and carry on!

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    Quote Originally Posted by FTG-05 View Post

    ....The state trooper that pulled me over Nov. 2014 couldn't care less that I was armed ("don't pull yours, I won't pull mine!" - said with a smile).
    I like that trooper's line.

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    I have a TN carry permit, and visit AL often to visit family. I don't know if I'd OC without a recognized permit just because the laws aren't very specific in regards to it, and it would be a pain (and dangerous) to unload the gun and secure it to drive somewhere. I do OC at times though in AL, and probably will some more this weekend when I'm back there… I've never had any issues or anyone give any funny looks.

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