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Thread: Department of Motor Vehicles?

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    Department of Motor Vehicles?

    I must go to DMV to renew my license soon.

    In the past I have read threads indicating that those who open carry have been given special, expedited, service. Do any of you have recent experience?

    Also, from your recent experience, what is the best day, time, to go?

    Thanks for your help.

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    The latest I've been hearing is that we are old news. I've always missed out on the expedited service, too.

    I'm hearing you might be better off going to Pahrump, or maybe Mesquite.
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    I can say we are old news. I had to do auto renewal about 2 weeks ago. Nothing special. I did not have to wait long though. Went to the Flamingo office. Woke up just before 8AM called the phone line, got a number, and went about my business at home until about 30 mins out. Then went and sat for 10 mins until my # was called. It was rather easy.

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    Last time I had DMV business, I went to Pahrump and open carried, of course. I spent as much time traveling and tending to the business once there, as I normally would have had I gone to a local DMV office and sat in a smelly lobby in an uncomfortable seat, listening to a bunch of screaming kids, hearing all the letters being called except the letter of the queue I'm in. Only difference, I spent my time in my car, listening to good music and enjoying a nice, scenic, afternoon drive. When I got there, I discovered that seven of the twelve people in the lobby were open carrying. If I had to guess four of the other five were carrying concealed (no sign posted, fair game), and the one that wasn't carrying was probably a recent transplant from California and terrified beyond belief. In and out in 15 minutes. the clerk who handled my registration commented that she liked my 1911, but prefers to carry a Glock; to which, I said, "I like Glock too, it's my backup gun."

    What a difference 60 miles makes.
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