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Thread: Kenn Blanchard, black gun rights advocate, challenges Obama's call after AME shooting

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    Kenn Blanchard, black gun rights advocate, challenges Obama's call after AME shooting

    "“It hit too close to home, being a former pastor of a church, knowing that you’re almost a sitting duck because you open your church up to the herding, you don’t question people, you don’t have adequate security,” said Mr. Blanchard, who hosts a podcast through his website,

    “Biblically, it’s kind of out of context, too,” he said. “If you’re going to be the shepherd of a flock — the shepherd had a really big stick. And the shepherd protected the sheep from the wolf and the bear. And the sheep felt safe because the shepherd was armed.”

    Somehow, he said, “we’ve gotten away from that. We make it seem as if the gun is an evil talisman when it’s not. It’s just another tool. [my emphasis]”

    Kenn Blanchard was a frequent guest at South Carolina Grass Roots Gun Rights events and particularly at our Great Gathering

    So was the Black Avenger, Ken Hamblin, though he has since retired to Colorado.
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    Unfortunately, logic, facts, and truth are not popular with some people.

    Kenn is truly one of the good guys - would like to see him in public office. He would bring considerable assets to the table.
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    12 year old calls out POTUS

    He's 12 years old and he gets it. He's been through 6+ years of public indoctrination and he still gets it. It will be too long to wait till he's 21 to take him out and buy him a beer. Do something now - maybe a root beer?

    stay safe.
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