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Thread: 4% Compliance to NY's SAFE ACT

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    4% Compliance to NY's SAFE ACT

    4% compliance to New York's SAFE ACT which means that only about 4% of NY assault rifles are registered, new stats suggest

    Only 4 % are complying with New York's SAFE Act. In fact the opposition to the SAFE act is much larger than we suspected (See Map below). Penalties include either a forfeiture of the weapon or a low level felony with up to 4 years in prison. Organizations like NY2A are trying to get the law repealed.

    “Many people have been calling for a full repeal of the SAFE Act. It would appear the people have just bypassed the legislature and simply repealed it on their own,” said Tom King, president of the Albany-based New York State Rifle and Pistol Association"

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