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Thread: Seattle privatizing parks downtown

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    Seattle privatizing parks downtown

    As predicted here earlier, Seattle is privatizing Westlake and Occidental Park. The Sequim decision comes home to roost. You can be sure our gay liberal Mayor will prohibit firearms in a heartbeat.

    The article claims First Amendment activities will not be restricted. Is that an OC rally I hear?

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    sharing some experience

    We have had similar arrangements where municipalities hired private firms to manage municipal venues. The problems did start early when the management team tried to raise the "private property" issue. It did not fly.

    One of the early cases involved an OCer arrested in a facility that was built by a specially created "authority". The trespass case quickly moved to determining ownership of the facility. Which fairly quickly was settled by the plain reading of the law that the "authority" met the definition of a local municipality or other arm of local (not State) government. OC/CC issues were therefore subject to state preemption law. Charges dismissed with prejudice. Civil suit ended up funding a new car. (It's been years, but anybody interested should search for "Danbus" and "Norfolk" in the Virginia section.)

    Another time some folks were handing out Guns Save Lives stickers to the crowd going in to listen to Sean Hannity. They were told to stop because it was private property. The cops never did take up the invitation "if you think what I am doing is illegal then arrest me". Shortly afterwards the management group tried to stop people from bringing in the stickers saying they feared the stickers would be put on walls and seat backs. They started to physically block people wearing stickers from going inside until/unless they took off the stickers and put them in a trash container. Although the term still carries some negative connotations, massive resistance erupted by the simple expedient of going in through a different doorway.

    Currently Richmond is going through the same sort of thing with Monroe Park where there has been a homeless feeding project going on for at least 20 years that I can recall. The management project is being touted as revitalization and an effort to bring city residents to the park for band concerts and the like. The homeless program is being threatened because TPTB fear real people would be upset seeing the homeless. When the revitalization project first got under way there was a small OC walk at the homeless project to see if the management folks would like to try swallowing the hook. The only thing of note that happened was some VCU students crossed the street to get Guns Save Lives stickers.

    Hold their feet to the fire. Do not let them get away with the "private property" claim.

    stay safe.
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